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Assign Class Colors

Command: Setup -> Class Assignment -> Colors

Each class can be assigned to an individual color. By default, the first 16 class numbers are set to individual colors which repeat for the rest of the classes. The default colors can be set by clicking the button Standard Colors. Pressing the undo button () restores the color setup to the state when the class color dialog was called.

The color of a particular class can be changed by clicking the corresponding color field and selecting a suitable color from the following color dialog.

DataLab allows to create a color gradient across a certain number of classes. In order to create the gradient you have to specify the first class number, the last class number and a class number in between. To select a particular class number press first the appropriate button (e.g Select First Color) and then click the class number to be assigned to. Next, you have to assign colors to the specified classes by selecting a color from the color drop down element or by clicking the ellipses button right to it. When clicking the Set Colors button, the colors of the specified range of class numbers are interpolated between the pivot colors (the screenshot above shows the class numbers 48 to 127 with colors interpolated between yellow and redish, and redish and blue).