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Public Constants (DataTable)

Cell states:

The following constants define predefined states of the cells of a TDataTable object. There are 2 user defined flags (csUser1 and csUser2) which can be used for application specific purposes.

Constant Value Explanation
csNone $00 cell state: none - redundant with csReset
csNAN $01 cell state: not a number; specifies a cell if it contains an invalid number (e.g. infinity, or numbers beyond the numeric range of double precision values)
csUndefined $02 undefined or empty cell
csReadOnly $10 cell is readonly (cannot be edited by the user)
csImputed $20 cell contains imputed data
csMarkedA $40 cell is marked as type A
csMarkedB $80 cell is marked as type B


Various Constants:

Constant Value Explanation
MaxNameDTWidth 50 max. length of a row or column name
MaxNominalIDs 150 max. number of supported nominal IDs per variable (see ElemNominal)
MaxNomIDLength 10 max. length of a nominal identifier
MScaleTypeNames 'Unknown', 'Nominal', 'Ordinal', 'Interval', 'Ratio' constant array containing the names of the available measurement scales