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Declaration: TDataTable.ElemNominal [ACol, ARow: longint]: string;
The array property ElemNominal provides access to nominal values in the data matrix. The parameters ACol and ARow specify the number of the column and row to be read or written. On reading, the property will return an empty string if either the parameters are outside their valid ranges, or if a numeric (non-categorical) cell is accessed.

On writing to ElemNominal the identifier will be automatically resolved and the corresponding ordinal number will be stored in the data matrix. If the identifier is not yet defined, a new nominal value will be created. If the number of different nominal values exceeds MAXNOMINALIDS the assignment of the nominal value will be ignored.

Please note that the nominal identifier must not have more than MAXNOMIDLENGTH characters. Nominal IDs are automatically truncated to the maximum supported length.

Hint: You can access the same data cell using the property Elem. In the case of a categorical variable, all assigments will be treated as ordinal numbers.