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Exporting XML Files

Befehl: File -> Save -> XML Format...

DataLab is able to save the current data in XML format. XML files are text files which are structured according to the XML specification and always - in contrast to e.g. CSV files - contain the complete information of the data set (including any markings).

After calling the command File/Save/XML Format... the user has to specify the name of the XML file. If the user enters the name of a file already existing on the disk, the system issues a warning message and asks whether to change the file name, overwrite the existing file or cancel the command.

The XML file uses the following tags:

Attribute Description
datatable The container of the data; it has to contain the attributes "sig" and "id" specifying the strings "SDLCSuite" and "DataLab", respectively.
comment Comment on the dataset
size The attributes "cols" and "rows" specify the size of the matrix
colnames column (variable) names
rownames row (object) names
colattrib column attributes (currently not used and always empty)
rowattrib row attributes (class numbers of the objects)
datacells Cells of the data matrix. Each cell is defined by the tag "cell", its position and status are specified by the sub-tags "col", "row" and "state", respectively.
vardef Definition of the types of the variables. Four possible definitions: "nominal", "ordinal", "interval" and "ratio". Nominal and ordinal variables contain additional information about the assigned identifiers (tag "idf").

Last Update: 2013-Nov-14