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DLabPascal - Special Data Types [A..C]

In addition to the standard data types of DLabPascal the scripting engine provides several predefined data types which are specifically needed in some function calls.

Declaration Explanation & Details
TAlign = (alNone, alTop, alBottom, alLeft, alRight, alClient, alCustom); Specifies how a control is placed relative to its parent; see ChartX.Align for details.
TAlignment = (taLeftJustify, taRightJustify, taCenter); Specifies how text is aligned:
taLeftJustify ... text is left-justified
taCenter ... text is centered around the anchor position
taRightJustify ... text is right-justified
TApplyColRow = (apColumns, apRows); The type definition TApplyColRow allows to select either rows or columns.
TAxisLayout = (rcl_X1Bottom_Y1Left,
rcl_X1Bottom_Y2Left, rcl_X1Bottom_Y3Left,
rcl_X1Bottom_Y4Left, rcl_X1Bottom_Y2Both,
rcl_X2Bottom_Y2Left, rcl_X2Both_Y2Both);
This type declaration defines the various layout types which can be selected by setting the property AxisLayout.
TBLCorrType = (bcPolynomial, bcPenSpline, bcLieber, bcEilers); Determines the type of the baseline correction; see EstimateBaseLineOfSignal
TBool2DArray = array of array of boolean; Declares a two-dimensional open array of boolean values. The first index corresponds to the columns of the matrix, the second index to the rows.
TBoolArray = array of boolean; Declares an open array of boolean values.
TBoundingBox = (bbNone, bbFrame, bbFaces); Declares the available types of bounding boxes used in 3D graphics.
TCheckMode = (cmNone, cmBox, cmRadio); Declares the different modes of checkmarks (see ColumnCheckMode).
TColor = integer; Declares a color value.
TColorPalette = array[1..500] of TColor; Declares a color palette.
TCompareMode = (cmLT, cmGT, cmLE, cmGE, cmEQ, cmNE, cmInRange, cmOutOfRange); The type declaration TCompareMode declares the types of comparisons used, for example, in method FindCells.
TCrossHMode = (chOff, chHoriz, chVert, chBoth, chCrossBox, chBox); Declares the available kinds of crosshairs:
chOff ... crosshair is switched off
chHoriz ... only vertical information of crosshair position is displayed (as horizontal line across the chart)
chVert ... only horizontal information of crosshair position is displayed (as vertical line across the chart)
chBoth ... full crosshair with lines across the entire chart area
chCrossBox ... small crosshair with a "bull eye"
chBox ... a square box of 8x8 pixels
TCSVDelimiters = (csvUnknown, csvSemicolon, csvComma, csvColon, csvTab); The type declaration TCSVDelimiters declares the available separators used in CSV files (for example in ExportCSV).