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Declaration: Anova1F (Data: TDoubleArray; TmLevel: TIntArray; var SSTm, SSErr, SSTotal: double; var DFTm, DFErr, DFTotal: integer; var FStat: double): double;
The function Anova1F performs a one-factorial ANOVA (analysis of variances). The data to be analysed must be stored in the array Data, the integer array TmLevel contains the corresponding group numbers (level of treatment). On return the function delivers the p-value of the ANOVA, or if the returned value is negative one of the following error codes:
-1 ... no groups defined
-2 ... too many groups defined
-3 ... F value is undefined (MSbw and MSwi are both zero)
-4 ... Data and TmLevel arrays have different lengths

If the returned function value is positive or zero, the following variable parameters contain more details on the analysis of variances:

SSTmsum of squares of treatments
SSErrsum of squares of errors
SSTotaltotal sum of squares
DFTmdegrees of freedom of treatments
DFErrdegrees of freedom of errors
DFTotaltotal number of degrees of freedom
FStatF value of the ANOVA