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DLabPascal - Special Data Types [G..L]

In addition to the standard data types of DLabPascal the scripting engine provides several predefined data types which are specifically needed in some function calls.

Declaration Explanation & Details
TGaussPeakParams = array [1..3] of double; Declares an array of three floating point values which are interpreted by the function CreateGaussianPeaks as the position (1st element), the width (2nd element) and the amplitude (3rd one) of a Gaussian peak..
TGCArray = array of TGuiComponent; Defines an open array of input components for the input dialog.
TGridOption = (goFixedVertLine, goFixedHorzLine,
goVertLine, goHorzLine, goRowSizing,
goColSizing, goThumbTracking);
Defines the available options to control the table layout..
TGridOptions = set of TGridOption; Defines the set of available options to control the table layout..
TGridStyle = (gsNone, gsPoints,
gsVertLines, gsHorizLines, gsLines,
gsHorizDotLines, gsVertDotLines, gsDotLines);
Defines the available types of different grid lines.
TGuiComponent = (gcEdit, gcNumio, gcCheckbox,
gcLabel, gcRadiobox, gcDropDown, gcNTabEd, gcColorSel);
Defines the available input components in the input dialog.
THistoBinMode = (hbmFixBinNum, hbmOpti, hbmExact); Declares the different modes how to calculate histogram bins.
TInt2DArray = array of array of integer; Declares a two-dimensional open array of integer numbers. The first index corresponds to the columns of the matrix, the second index to the rows.
TIntArray = array of integer; Declares an open array of integer numbers.
TIntegMethod = (imSimple, imTrapezoidal, imSimpson); The TIntegMethod declares the supported methods of integration.
TInFormat = (itExp, itFloat, itFixPoint, itInt, itHex, itOct, itBin, itDynamic); Declares the possible numeric input formats of the numeric input dialog.
TIntPointArray = array of TPoint; Declares an open array of integer points.
TKindOfDisp = (kdColIdx, kdRowIdx, kdColCol,
kdRowRow, kdHisto, kdCumuFq, kdNProbPlt, kdPareto);
Declares types of diagrams which can be displayed in the plot windows.
TLanguage = (lgUnknown, lgEnglish, lgGerman, lgFrench, lgSpanish); The type declaration TLanguage defines the languages supported by ScanDateTime.
TLogicOp = (loAND, loOR, loXOR, loANDNot, loORNot, loXORNot); The type TLogicOp defines the three possible logical combinations AND, OR, and XOR (exclusive OR), and their negations for the usage with the class TBitFld.