DataLab is a compact statistics package aiming at exploratory data analysis. Please visit the DataLab Web site for more information....

Internal Data Structure

DataLab uses the following simple data structure: a matrix with p variables and n objects contains the data to be analyzed. In parallel to this matrix, five linear arrays are stored which contain the object names (length n), the variable names (length p), the class information (length n) and the levels of measurement of the variables and the attributes of the variables. Further a byte array of the same size as the data array contains state flags which indicate the state of the particular matrix cells. Finally, the comment is an unlimited string containing a user-defined description of the dataset.

Hint: The size of the data matrix may be restricted (depending on your DataLab license) to some maximum number of cells (product of n times p). The maximum size of the data matrix is displayed in the About box of DataLab (command Help/About)