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Edit Classes

Command: Edit -> Classes

Each row (object) of the data matrix can be assigned to a class (0 to 127). Classes can be displayed using class-specific colors or different symbols (cf. class attributes in plot options); in addition class numbers may be used for further calculations.

In order to edit or change the class numbers, the user has to click the command Edit/Classes. Thereafter the class editor is activated which can be used to assign, change, and edit class numbers in a multitude of ways (see below).

A quick change of a few class numbers can also be achieved by entering the new class number(s) in the matrix viewer (row pane) or in the data editor.

Class Editor

The class editor allows to change the class numbers according to the following aspects:

  • Editing of individual class numbers
  • Adjusting all class numbers at once
  • Editing the class numbers of selected data
  • Editing marked objects
  • Calculation of class numbers from variables
  • Reorganization of class numbers
In order to keep track of the class assignments even in large data sets, the class editor shows the current distribution of the class numbers in a histogram.

The commands of the class editor:

These two buttons decrement or increment the class numbers of the corresponding objects by one. If the new class number exceeds the limits of the class numbers (0 or 127) the class number of the corresponding object is left unchanged. This command can be used to change either selected data, marked data, or all data.
Set Class Klicking this button sets the class numbers of the corresponding objects to the value entered in the box at the right of the button. This command can be used to change either selected data, marked data, or all data.
Extract This command is used to calculate the class numbers from the data of a particular column of the data matrix.
Map Class This command replaces one class number by another class number.
Remap all Classes This command changes the class numbers in a way that no gaps are in the class assignment.
Revert This command copies the class numbers of the original data set and thus reverts the class assignment to its original state.
Colors Clicking this button activates the editor for class colors.
Edit If this button is pressed the class numbers of individual data objects can be changed. After pressing the key RETURN the cursor advances to the next line automatically, thus allowing to enter subsequent class numbers most conveniently.
OK After clicking the OK button, the current class assignment is copied to the data set.
Cancel The class editor is closed, class number are left unchanged.

Last Update: 2012-Dez-19