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Example Data

DataLab comes with several example datasets. These examples are based partly on real-world data which have either been measured by the author or extracted from the literature. Please note that datasets containing more than 500 elements cannot be fully loaded in the evaluation version of DataLab. These datasets are available as reduced sets as well (indicated by a star in the list below, the filenames of the reduced datasets contain the string "_500" before the file extension).

Data Set   Description
bodydata.idt   Vital statistics of 35 Austrian students.
boilpts.idt * Real-world data dealing with chemical structures and boiling points of some molecules [Balaban 1992, Lohninger 1993].
boilpts_nc.idt   Subset of the dataset BOILPTS.IDT which is used in the DataLab video tutorial on how to work with class information.
dusttrak_20120920.txt   Raw data obtained from a particle detector. This text file can be used as an example for extracting data from text data (see Importing Text Data for details).
exmpl-a.asc   Artificial data, used in one of the tutorials.
fluriedw.idt * Real-world data dealing with counterfeit money (by courtesy of H. Riedwyl) [Flury 1983].
iris.idt * Real-world data: three types of Iris plants [Fisher 1936].
methane.idt   Real world data, showing the concentration of atmospheric methane in the period from 1980 to 1988 [Khalil 1990].
minwater.idt   Some European mineral waters; the data has been collected from analysis results as printed on the labels on the water bottles.
sunspots.idt * Frequency of sunspots over 120 years. [Hathaway 1998]
u20m44.idt * Real-world data: measured signal of a channeltron. The signal shows the response of the channeltron to single ion impacts.
wine.idt * Real-world data, containing data on the chemical analysis of Italian wines [Forina 1982]
worldpop.idt * Real-world data, showing some key facts on most of the world's nations [CIA 1989].