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Plot Windows

Data plots can be set up and changed in two different ways: (1) use the buttons at the left of the plot window, and (2) use the context menu which comes up when you right-click the data plot.

The buttons of the plot window provide the following functionality:

switching the axes The currently selected row or column can be switched by clicking the arrow buttons. The top buttons affect the y axis, the bottom buttons the x-axis.
selecting new variables or objects New variables or objects may be selected by using the eye dropper button. Clicking this button opens the variable/object selection dialog.
mouse action Window: any rectangular region of the chart can magnified to fit the full area of the chart by simply pressing and holding down the left mouse button at one corner of the region. Moving the mouse now shows a rubber band rectangle. The area of the rectangle is blown up to the full chart area when the left mouse button is released.
Drag: the scale of the chart can be increased or reduced by pressing and holding the left mouse button. The scaling factors of the x and y axes are changed in proportion to the movement of the mouse (up and right = magnify, left and down = reduce).
Pan: the visible part of the chart can be shifted by pressing and holding down the left mouse button. The chart follows the mouse movement which results in panning the data.
Mark Data: Data may be marked by activating this option. You can toggle between four different modes of marking by clicking this button when it is already selected or by selecting an option from the context menu of the button. A detailed description can be found in the section "marking the data"
Unmark All The markings of all data are removed.
Display all data 1:1 The zoom factor of the chart windows is set such that all available data points are displayed in the window.
Snap to Objects When this option is activated, the data point next to the mouse cursor is marked by a transparent rectangular block. The coordinates and the name of the particular object are displayed in the status bar of DataLab.
Blur Categorical Data When displaying categorical data it often occurs that serveral data points are located on top of each other. By pressing this button categorical data can be displayed with additional randomly shifted "shadow" dots. This way one gets an impression how many data points are actually hidden below a data symbol. Hint: this option can only be used for categorical data which are displayed as symbols.
setup The plot type as well as the plot parameters can be changed by clicking the key button. This opens the plot options window.

The most important parameters of the displayed variables can be displayed simply by double-clicking the diagram. For diagrams which show two variables the corresponding bivariate characteristics are listed, as well:

Double-clicking the list of parameters switches the display back to the diagram.


In addition a context menu provides further commands for adjusting the data chart:

Grid If this option is active the diagram displays a grid at the major tick marks.
Crosshair This option displays a crosshair which follows the mouse movement.
Class Colors This is a shortcut to turn on and off the color encoding of the class attributes.
Copy to Clipboard The displayed data is copied as an image to the Windows clipboard. Note that only the chart is copied and not the entire plot window.
Save as File The displayed data is saved as an image to a file (BMP, JPG, or PNG). Note that only the chart is copied and not the entire plot window.
Print Allows to print the chart.