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Univariate Descriptors

Command: Math -> Univariate Statistics -> Univariate Descriptors...

In order to calculate the basic univariate descriptors of a data set, you may issue the command Math/Univariate Statistics/Univariate Descriptors.... After issuing this command, the calculated parameters are displayed in a table. The descriptors can be calculated either of selected variables (columns of the data matrix) or of marked data.

In order to calculate the variable parameters you have to tick off the corresponding variable names in the list of variables at the top of the window. Alternatively, for calculating the univariate parameters of marked data, you may select "Marked Data". This results in the parameters of both blue and red markings, and the union and the intersection of the marked data.


The following table lists the calculated univariate descriptors:

  • number of selected data
  • minimum and maximum
  • sum of selected data
  • mean +/- confidence interval
  • standard deviation
  • variance
  • standard error of the mean
  • median and quartiles
  • mode
  • skewness
  • kurtosis

The statístical security of the confidence interval of the mean can be selected in the top region of the window (the drop-down box offers the most common statistical securities between 90% and 99.99%.

In addition to the calculated parameters both the frequency tables and the box plots are displayed on separate tabs.

Last Update: 2013-Jul-28