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Context Menu of the Numeric Editor

The numeric data editor provides several commands for marking, unmarking, and copying by means of the context menu which is displayed when the right mouse button is clicked within the table boundaries. If appropriate, the commands in the popup menu are applied to the highlighted cells of the data table. In order to highlight a range of cells, you have to left click one of the corner cells of the intended range and drag the mouse over to the opposite corner cell keeping the left mouse button down. The highlighted cells are indicated by a blue background.

Context menu of the data area:

Mark as Type A/B Marks the selected range, column, or row either by markings of type A, or B. The A markings are displayed in red, the B markings in blue. If some cells are marked with both types, the color is switched to magenta (as a mixture of red and blue).
Unmark Type A/B Unmark the selected range - either markings of type A or of type B
Unmark All Unmark all elements of the data matrix (both types of markings)
Clear Reset the highlighted cells to zero values
Copy Copy the highlighted cells into the Windows clipboard. The data is copied in exponential notation with a precision of 14 decimal places.
Paste Paste the contents of the Windows clipboard into the data table. Please be aware that this command works only with data previously copied to the clipboard using the "copy" command. Data formats of external programs are not recognized. For inserting data from external programs, the command "Extract from Clipboard" schould be used.
Data Read-Only You may protect data from changing it unintentionally by activating the read-only option.
Extract from ClipBoard Analyzes any text in the Windows clipboard and extracts all numeric values pasting them to the data table.
Select All Selects all data of the data matrix.
Toggle Empty State Switches the visibility of the selected cells. Cells whose content is set invisible are not used for calculations. This way it is possible to deliberately exclude certain parts of the data matrix from calculations.

Context menu of row and column headings:

Edit Heading After clicking this command a small text box is opened where you can enter the row or column heading. Press ENTER to finish the editing of the heading.
Change Precision Clicking this command cyclically changes the display precision of the data editor. Note: changing the display precision does not affect the internal precision of the data table.
Select Row/Column Highlights the entire row or column.
Insert Row/Column For rows: inserts a row above the row where you click the command. For columns: inserts a column left to the column where you click the command.
Delete Row/Column Deletes the corresponding row or column.

Last Update: 2013-Feb-13