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Die folgende Tabelle listet einige Forschungsarbeiten auf, bei denen Epina DataLab für die Analyse und Interpretation von Daten verwendet wurde (in chronologischer Reihenfolge).(1)
Authors Title & Reference

P. Spörl, A. Göndör, et al. Development of a Mobile Module-Based Wind Tunnel for the Determination of Collection Efficiencies of Particulate Matter on Surface Structures.
Sustainability 2021, 13(17), 9565; DOI: 10.3390/su13179565
E. Rottmann, K.F. Hauke, U. Krings, R.G. Berger Enzymatic acrylamide mitigation in French fries – An industrial-scale case study.
Food Control 123 (2021) 107739
R.C. Jadin, M.J. Jowers, et al. A new vine snake (Reptilia, Colubridae, Oxybelis) from Peru and redescription of O. acuminatus
Evolutionary Systematics. 5 (2021), 1–12
N. Pende, A. Sogues, SepF is the FtsZ-anchor in Archaea: implications for cell division in the Last Universal Common Ancestor
bioRxiv PrePrint, Oct. 2020, doi:
A.S. Pires-Luis, P. Martinek, et al. Molecular Genetic Features of Primary Nonurachal Enteric-type Adenocarcinoma, Urachal Adenocarcinoma, Mucinous Adenocarcinoma, and Intestinal Metaplasia/Adenoma: Review of the Literature and Next-generation Sequencing Study
Advances In Anatomic Pathology, Vol. 27 (2020) 303-310
A. Salcido, S. Carreón-Sierra,
A.-T. Celada-Murillo
Air Pollution Flow Patterns in the Mexico City Region
Climate 2019, 7(11), 128;
K. Wieland, S. Tauber, et al In-Line Ultrasound-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Allows for Highly Sensitive Analysis with Improved Selectivity in Suspensions
Anal. Chem. 91 (2019) 14231-14238
T. Sathisha, D. Kezia, P.V.Bramhachari,
R. Shetty Prakasham
Multi-objective based superimposed optimization method for enhancement of l-glutaminase production by Bacillus subtilis RSP-GLU
Karbala International Journal of Modern Science, Volume 4 (2018) 50-60
C. Gasser, A. Genner, Application of a tunable Fabry-Pérot filtometer to mid-infrared gas sensing
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical Volume 242 (2017) 9-14
W.N. Reichelt, D. Waldschitz, C. Herwig,
L. Neutsch
Bioprocess monitoring: minimizing sample matrix effects for total protein quantification with bicinchoninic acid assay
Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, Volume 43, Issue 9, 1 September 2016, Pages 1271–1280,
D. Rešetar, M. Marchetti-Deschmann, et al. Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry linear time-of-flight method for white wine fingerprinting and classification
Food Control, Volume 64, June 2016, Pages 157-164
V. Konakovsky, C. Clemens, M.M. Müller et al. Metabolic Control in Mammalian Fed-Batch Cell Cultures for Reduced Lactic Acid Accumulation and Improved Process Robustness.
Bioengineering 2016, 3(1), 5
K. Bonazza, H. Rottensteiner, et al. Ca2+ concentration-dependent conformational change of FVIII B-domain observed by atomic force microscopy
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry volume 407 (2015) pp. 6051–6056
V. Konakovsky, A.C. Yagtu, C. Clemens,
M.M. Müller, M. Berger, S. Schlatter, C. Herwig
Universal Capacitance Model for Real-Time Biomass in Cell Culture.
Sensors 15 (2015) 22128-22150
C. Reidl-Leuthner, A. Viernstein, et al. Quasi-Simultaneous In-Line Flue Gas Monitoring of NO and NO2 Emissions at a Caloric Power Plant Employing Mid-IR Laser Spectroscopy.
Analytical Chemistry, 86 (2014) 9058–9064
F. Hollstein, M. Wohllebe, et al. Challenges in Automatic Sorting of Bio-Plastics within the Recycling Chain by Means of NIR-Hyperspectral-Imaging.
NIR2013 Proceedings, 2-7 June 2013, La Grande-Motte, France
O. Peralta, T. Castro, M. Durón, et al. H2S emissions from Cerro Prieto geothermal power plant, Mexico, and air pollutants measurements in the area
Geothermics 46 (2013) 55-65
S. Rittmann, Ch. Herwig A comprehensive and quantitative review of dark fermentative biohydrogen production
Microbial Cell Factories 2012, 11:115
M. Marchetti-Deschmann, W. Winkler, H. Dong,
H. Lohninger, C.P. Kubicek, G. Allmaier
Using Spores for Fusarium spp. Classification by MALDI-Based Intact Cell/Spore Mass Spectrometry
Food Technol. Biotechnol. 50 (3) 334-342 (2012)
R. Reale, S.H. Plattner, G. Guida,
M.P. Sammartino, G. Visco
Ancient coins: cluster analysis applied to find a correlation between corrosion process and burial soil characteristics
Chemistry Central Journal 2012, 6(Suppl 2):S9
M. Kistler, Ch. Schmidl, E. Padouvas, H. Giebl,
J. Lohninger, R. Ellinger, H. Bauer,  H. Puxbaum
Odor, gaseous and PM10 emissions from small scale combustion of wood types indigenous to Central Europe
Atmospheric Environment, v.51, 2012 May, p.86(8)
F. Hollstein, M. Wohllebe, A. Kulcke,
G. Stanzel, S. Bischoff
Recognition of PET bottles in high efficient advanced reverse vending machines by VIS-NIR spectral imaging
Proc. of the 15th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR 2011), 13 - 20 May 2011, Cape Town, South Africa
M. Marchetti-Deschmann, A. Lehner,
V. Peterseil, F. Sövegjarto, R. Hochegger,
G. Allmaier
Fast wheat variety classification by capillary gel electrophoresis-on-a-chip after single-step one-grain high molecular weight glutenin extraction
Anal Bioanal Chem (2011) 400:2403-2414
J. Wolf, D. Bolius, H. Lohninger Application of chemometric methods for the assessment of sun protection factors
SOFW Journal (2002), 128(10), 47, 50-54.
G. Kos, H. Lohninger, R. Krska Fourier transform mid-infrared spectroscopy with attenuated total reflection (FT-IR/ATR) as a tool for the detection of Fusarium fungi on maize
Vibrational Spectroscopy, 29 (2002) 115-119

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