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Neueste Änderungen

Die folgende Tabelle gibt einen Überblick zu den Änderungen seit dem letzten "Major Release". Damit diese Änderungen wirksam werden, müssen Sie in DataLab den Befehl "Einstellungen --> neueste DataLab Version laden" auswählen und ein Update durchführen(1).
Release 3.911 [2019-04-05]
The release 3.911 is an early release of the upcoming version 4.0. Please keep in mind that this pre-release is a beta version.

Bug Fixes

  • the scaling tool did not work under Windows 7
  • DataLab generated an access violation if the univariate statistics were open when adjusting the table size


Release 3.910 [2019-03-29]
The release 3.910 is an early release of the upcoming version 4.0. Please keep in mind that this pre-release is a beta version.

New Features

  • DataLab provides now an "open windows" selector which allows to switch between windows
  • the data plots now provide a graphical marking tool to apply red and blue marks using either a lasso or a rectangle
  • DataLab offers now a universal scripting language called DLabPascal which allows to automate recurring tasks
  • the newly implemented memory based learning tool provides powerful option both for regression modelling and classification
  • a new baseline correction tool allows to correct the baseline of a signal
  • all windows can now be detached from the DataLab master window to allow for multiple monitors
  • DataLab now supports random forest models (both regression models and classifiers)
  • contingency analysis and Fisher's exact test are now available for the analysis of nominal data

Improvements and Changes

  • pressing the ESC key now closes the current window (if appropriate)
  • various MLR improvements: Cook's distance is now calculated and displayed as a graph; Durbin-Watson-Test now displays the critical limits and the decision
  • drawn from the test; added 'copy y-hat to matrix clipboard' to the MLR results page;
  • ridge regression: implemented a trace of parameter significance
  • fixed zoom mode of 2D plots improved
  • implemented binomal distribution in distribution calculator
  • the desktop color can now be set by the user
  • the digitizer accepts now PNG images as well
  • extended 2D data designer: data can be loaded from main data table; two specific columns of the data matrix can be overwritten
  • the plot window now has coordinate and object display
  • the scaling tool now supports q-normalisation ánd squashing functions
  • various improvements of the simple regression tool: data points can now be connected, polynomial coefficients are now evaluated by adding the p-values, residuals can now be plotted against the object index, plot parameters can now be adjusted
  • cluster analysis: base line is now moveable to allow for long object names
  • implemented the creation of mutually exclusive test and training sets in the data split tool

Bug Fixes

  • normal probability plot crashed if the data to be displayed was constant
  • stepwise regression hung in certain cases
  • 3D surface plot did not handle nominal and ordinal variables correctly
  • adjusted R2 in MLR was wrong
  • command 'Clear Matrix Clipboard' did not clear the matrices 5 to 8
  • data designer did not correctly set the level of measurement when copying designed data over existing data
  • digitizer did not load background image if the file path of the image changed
  • simple linear regression: Durbin-Watson test was flawed
  • help page assignments were partially wrong
  • import CSV - the selection box for the separating character was incorrectly intialized
  • loading future versions of IDT files were not processed correctly
  • matrix stack did not correctly copy empty cells
  • MLR created range check error if there were empty rows
  • normal probability plot did not allow to mark the very first data object
  • spectral diagrams did not include the zero line when displaying them
  • XLS import crashed; plus various other minor bug fixes


(1) Für die Durchführung des Updates benötigen Sie Schreibrechte für das DataLab-Installations-
verzeichnis. Bei den neueren Windows-Versionen erfordert dies meist Administratorrechte. Siehe
auch den entsprechenden Eintrag im DataLab-Forum