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Matrix Survey Plot

The matrix viewer is the central door to get access to the data matrix. The matrix viewer is always open and contains (besides some often required shortcut keys) a four-pane window which gives access to the various aspects of the stored data (graphical survey, column and row identifiers, and a comment/description of the data).

The data matrix is displayed in graphical form on the survey pane by a bird's-eye view. The values of the matrix cells are shown by small colored rectangles whose sizes are proportional to the values they represent.

Sometimes it is useful to adjust the scaling of the rectangles, either by scaling the columns (= variables) individually, or by scaling the entire data matrix. Especially, if the columns are of no special meaning (i.e. there are no variables in the true sense of the word) it makes sense to scale the rectangles to the entire matrix. The scaling of the rectangles can be switched by clicking the button 'toggle survey scaling mode' ().

Hint: Variables which contain nominal or ordinal values are scaled according to the ordinal numbers of the cells. Empty cells are indicated by rectangular frames.