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Simple Text File Import

Command: File -> Load -> Text Files -> Simple Text File Import...

At times one wants to import data from simple text tables which contain data arranged in a rectagular array. For this purpose DataLab provides the "Simple Text Import" tool. This tool has only a few parameters, so the use of it is straightforward.

First you have to load the text data by clicking the button "Load Text File" or by pasting it from the Windows clipboard by clicking the button "Paste from Clipboard". The loaded raw data are displayed line by line in the "Data File" tab. Once the data has been loaded DataLab tries to import the dataset using the current import parameters. The resulting data table is displayed in the "Preview" tab. Further, you can exclude certain lines from being imported by selecting the "Ignore" checkbox in the corresponding line.

If the preview does not show the dataset in the expected way, you have to adjust the import parameters (different scenarios concerning the table headings, the separating character and lines which should be excluded from processing).

Finally, when you are satisfied with the preview results, click the button "Copy to Data Matrix" to copy the data from the preview table to the DataLab matrix.

Hint: Please note that the "Simple Text Import" tool has been designed with simplicity in mind. If you have a more elaborate dataset which cannot be imported by this tool, you should try other methods of data import (for example by using the Complex Text File Import Tools or by writing your own import routine by using the class Class TMixedFStream of DLabPascal).