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Importing Data from Excel

Command: File -> Load -> Excel File (XLS)...

DataLab provides a simple way to import data from MicroSoftTM ExcelTM spreadsheets. After clicking the command File/Load/Excel File (XLS)... the user has to select the Excel file to be imported1.

DataLab then displays a simplified spreadsheet with several pages (if the Excel sheet has several pages) showing text cells, numeric cells, and formula cells. All other cells are left blank.

In order to import the data you have to select the following three regions: the row containing the column headings, the column containing the row headings, and the data area to be imported. The column/row headings can be selected by clicking into the caption of the corresponding row/column. If you don't want to import headings you can switch the headings off by clicking into the upper left cell labeled "CLR". The data range to be imported is specified by dragging the mouse over the intended area.

After all the required areas have been specified the data may be imported. Clicking the button Extract Data replaces the current data matrix by the selected Excel data, clicking the button Transfer to Clipboard copies the selected Excel data into the matrix clipboard.


1 DataLab is able to read Excel files without macros supporting all versions from Excel 97 throughout to Excel 2013. The file extensions of these files are .xls and .xlsx