DataLab is a compact statistics package aiming at exploratory data analysis. Please visit the DataLab Web site for more information....

List of Buttons

DataLab uses many speed buttons, enabling the quick access to its most important functions. Following is a list of these buttons, including their filename. The filename can be used in Ariadne HTML code to include the button icons in the Ariadne description (example code: <img src="but_3drot.png"> shows the 3D Rotation button).

Button Image Name Corresponding Commands
but_3dplot.png 3D surface plot
but_3drot.png 3D Rotation
but_anova_1f.png One-way ANOVA
but_arrangewin.png tile matrix viewer and open diagrams
but_arrows_lr.png switching between axes, see Plot Windows
but_blurdata.png blur positions of categorical data points, see Plot Windows
but_boxplt.png Univariate Descriptors
but_classedit.png Edit Classes
but_clearall.png Clear All
but_copyresid.png copy the residuals of a regression to the matrix clipboard,
see Simple Regression and MLR
but_copyscores.png copy the PCA scores to the matrix clipboard, see PCA
but_copytomlr.png copy selected variables into MLR window,
see Detection of Multicollinearities and Variable Selection
but_corrtab.png cross correlation table with Pearson's correlation coefficient
but_dendro.png Cluster Analysis
but_digitizecurve.png Digitizing Curves
but_editdata.png Numeric Data Editor
but_emptyimp.png set imputed values to the "empty" state
but_execute.png start the execution of a particular action,
see Calculate an MLR Model and Generating Headings
but_eyed.png selecting new variables or objects, see Plot Windows
but_fft.png Fourier transform
but_floppy.png general save button
but_frequencies.png Frequency Tables
but_fx.png Math Formulas
but_info.png detailed info, see e.g. 3D Rotation
but_invertmarka.png invert the markings of type A
but_invertmarkb.png invert the markings of type B
but_linreg.png Simple Regression
but_loadasc.png Loading ASC Files
but_loadidt.png Loading IDT Files
but_loadxls.png Importing Data from Excel
but_mapan.png mouse panning, see Plot Windows
but_markcola.png marking a column as type A
but_markcolb.png marking a column as type B
but_markdata_redrect.png marking data graphically, see Plot Windows
but_markdata_bluerect.png marking data graphically, see Plot Windows
but_markdata_redlasso.png marking data graphically, see Plot Windows
but_markdata_bluelasso.pngmarking data graphically, see Plot Windows
but_markrangea.png marking a range as type A
but_markrangeb.png marking a range as type B
but_markrowa.png marking a row as type A
but_markrowb.png marking a row as type B
but_mazoomd.png zoom by dragging the mouse, see Plot Windows
but_mazoomw.png zoom a rectangular window, see Plot Windows
but_mlrapply.png Apply an MLR, RR or LDA Model
but_mlrcalc.png Calculate an MLR Model
but_newplot.png create a new plot, see Window
but_ok.png general OK button
but_pcacalc.png perform a principal component analysis
but_pcrcalc.png calculate a PCR model
but_plsapply.png apply a PLS model
but_plscalc.png calculate a PLS model
but_protoc.png display protocol; see, for example, Variable Selection
but_randgen.png Random Number Generator
but_removemarks.png remove any markings
but_resize.png Resizing the Data Matrix
but_revert.png Revert
but_ridge.png Ridge Regression
but_saveasc.png Saving Data in ASC Format
but_saveformul.png save an MLR equation, see Calculate an MLR Model
but_saveidt.png Saving Data in IDT Format
but_scaling.png Scaling
but_scatplot.png Scatter Plots
but_scltg.png toggle scaling mode in matrix viewer,
seeMatrix Survey Plot
but_script.png DataLab Scripts
but_setup.png setting the plot options of a diagram,
see Plot Options
but_setup_colors.png Assign Class Colors
but_setup_gen.png general setup dialog
but_setup_symbols.png Assign Class Symbols
but_shuffle.png Randomisation of the Data
but_snapobj.png snap the mouse cursor to the data points, see Plot Windows
but_sort.png Sorting the Data
but_splitds.png Splitting a Dataset
but_stattab.png Statistical Tables
but_stattst.png Statistical Tests
but_switchmarks.png exchange the type of markings (A/B) of marked cells
but_undo.png undo button used in various commands,
see Class Colors and Generating Headings
but_unmarkalla.png unmark all type A cells
but_unmarkallb.png unmark all type B cells
but_unmarkallcells.png unmark all cells
but_unmarkcola.png unmark type A in a column
but_unmarkcolb.png unmark type B in a column
but_unmarkrangea.png unmark type A in a range
but_unmarkrangeb.png unmark type B in a range
but_unmarkrowa.png unmark type A in a row
but_unmarkrowb.png unmark type B in a row
but_varsel.png Variable Selection
but_vif.png Detection of Multicollinearities
but_zoom11.png zoom the current data to see all available data points